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Weekly equity curve (with leverage too)

February 8, 2013

I’ll post today the equity curve of the week.. We had two nightly trades:

0,61 0,54 trades of the week result (% gain or loss, leverage 1)

start equity 104,8919

after this week 106,1016

I’m not considering any stop loss, leverage, position sizing filters in this equity curve. I will focus on the pattern. This is just what would have happened if what is available for free in the blog will be traded.

I start tracking the result of my real equity too this week. I’m using a 14X leverage on e-mini S&P500 future. I’m reinvesting profits adding contracts, but I’m keeping half of my equity on cash. The equity curve refers to the equity not the total capital.

blog start 100,000

now 207,8356



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