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What’s going on for tonight?

May 13, 2013

There’s a neutral seasonality for tonight.  Looking at the patterns triggering, if SPY closes above 163,45 I’ll short the market with three bearish patterns. If SPY closes below 163,45 but above 163,25 I’ll take a long position on ES with two bullish patterns triggering. I won’t put the stats ’cause I didn’t discover any new pattern.

I was in travelling in England last week so my trading job has been bad. I tried to figure out which was the main problem with intraday trading and I found a great filter which take into account FED’s Quantitative Easing activities. I did many backtests and now things should be better. I was glad to see that overnight trading is not influenced by Fed’s activities, whilst from the open till the close of the US market the influence is generally bullish. I will be much more careful considering any shorts whilst this filter is triggering.

Last night trade has been terrible. I managed to not being stopped as I sized the stop behing a strong support. Two points back the 0,65% ATR5 level. I had a small loss after all thanking to my technical analysis. All in all sometimes it works…

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