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Through the weekend…

September 5, 2014

Seasonality looks NEUTRAL.

If we see today’s close above today’s open the following BULLISH patterns are triggering:


If we see today’s close below today’s open the following BULLISH patterns are triggering:


In both situations there is enough BULLISH evidence to have a LONG trade  at the close for tonigh through the weekend.


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  1. Alex Argyros permalink

    Interesting that both a positive and a negative day are bullish for the weekend. Do you have a sense of how unusual this sort of setup is? And, thanks for the update.


    • You are right, I think this is due to the strange behaviour of past few days with many gaps up un down, on general downside direction and many closes below each days open. When I test new patterns I try not to be focus only on the intraday down close bias otherwise if it stops working and I rely only on it, there will be problems…


  2. Alex Argyros permalink

    Makes sense, Marco. Good luck to those who took this trade, and enjoy your weekend.


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