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Again strong edges long for tonight…

September 24, 2014

Seasonality looks neutral. If SPY closes above today’s open and today’s volume is lower than yesterday’s one, the following BULLISH patterns will trigger:

49-89-131-140-302 – and Profit Factor system (164)

If SPY closes below yesterday’s close the following BULLISH patterns will trigger:

7-58-59-61-61-63-64-65-89-107-140-178 – and Profit Factor system (164) and Bollinger Band system (163)

I will enter LONG if one of these two situations occurs.

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  1. Terence Doherty permalink

    At the moment it is 35 min before the close. Barring nuclear war or a flash-crash or something, SPY will clearly close higher than the open, so the second scenario will not occur.

    As for the first scenario, volume right now is only about 79 million, and yesterday it was 111 million. It therefore looks very likely that today’s volume will end up being less than yesterday’s, and the first scenario will apply.

    So it appears very likely that a long signal based on the first situation (higher close but less volume) will indeed occur.



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