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Gapping down and up…

November 5, 2014

If SPY closes below today’s open at 202,54 and above 202,1 the followings will trigger:

SHORT PATTERNS 18-31-111-260-343-348

With these conditions triggered, I will enter SHORT at the close.


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  1. Guido permalink

    could you explain what you mean with :
    SHORT PATTERNS 18-31-111-260-343-348
    ? thanks


    • Those are the numbers of the patterns triggering tonight. You find them looking at the “patterns library” page in the “blog library” file. Use the number as a filter to quickly find the pattern statistics.


  2. Alex Argyros permalink

    So far, so good. Thanks, Marco.


  3. Alex Argyros permalink

    Win some, lose some. No big deal. I still thank you for your excellent work.


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