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Futures Trading Room – last night overview

February 10, 2015

Last night alert was:

If SPY  closes below 204,77 the followings will trigger:

LONG PATTERNS 36-95-178-199-202-291

If SPY  closes above 204,77 the followings will trigger:

LONG PATTERNS 36-50-100-101-158-178-199-201-202-291

In both situations, I will enter LONG at the close.


It was one of the rare nights I have to trade both with an up and a down close.  It ended with a good up gap while I was LONG profiting a nice +8,68% gain leading NIGHTLY PATTERNS equity curve finally to new highs.

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  1. kannaiah permalink

    How to really understand the pattern?
    When you say,
    LONG PATTERNS 36-50-100-101-158-178-199-201-202-291
    What does the numbers represent?


  2. John permalink

    Good Site, have been observing your trades for a while.

    But if you want to add credibility to the trade recommendations, you should start posting your brokerage statements with real trade results.

    Else most will feel you are just riding the bull market wave, with some random patterns.

    Since it is evident since 2011, if you buy at close of market and exit by open next day, you will make money anyhow. So if your patterns are credible and are more than what is already known, you should put up more real information about your trades.

    Good luck with your trading.


    • Thank you John,
      I use different strategies on my trading. Nightly Patterns is just one. I do swing trades with leveraged ETFS, VIX ETPS strategies, and some mean reverting portfolios of stocks. I use the same account for all my strategies, looking for Shannon’s Demon Effects.
      I would need an overnight trading account only. Maybe I will do it in future to improve credibility.

      I do long and short trades, I’m not a long only guy. My patterns are backtested backthrogh 1993, since SPY inception. I do not worry about bear markets.

      If you only trade SPY, you are right, but when you boost leverage with future, you are not: drawdowns are really high being long all the night.
      Anyway thank you for the account statement, idea.


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