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Futures Trading Room – Last night trade

March 11, 2015

Yesterday, I sent out this alert:

If SPY closes below today’s open at 206,71 the following patterns are triggering:

LONG PATTERNS 37-65-95-107-164-199-222-281-282-286-339-345

If that happens, I will enter LONG.


The night end with a profit on my long trade of +3,08%.

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  1. wrwarrenjr permalink

    I just signed up for your service and have a question.

    Stop Loss: You state that you use a stop loss level = 0.65 ATR based on a 5 day calculation. What time frame is that based on? For instance if you calculate it at 15:45 hours just before market close are you basing it on a daily chart, 60 minute chart etc?


    • I use normal daily SPY data. I normally do it after SPY closes, about 10 minutes before taking the trade.


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