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April 25, 2015

Submit a trial subscription (monthly or weekly) before May 1st to lock in your first annual fee with the special starting prices!

NIGHTLY PATTERNS subscriptions final fees (from May 1st):

  • YEARLY – 665 euro

  • 6 MONTHS – 385 euro

  • 3 MONTHS – 210 euro

  • 1 MONTHS – 65 euro


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  1. Greg Harrison permalink

    Hello, I’m interested in your system. What time of day do you send out your signals? I would like to trade SPY options which means the trade must be entered prior to 4PM EST. Is this workable?

    Thanks, Greg


    • Hello Greg,
      It’s ok, you can do it. I send the alert not after 3.45 pm EST.
      If you have any other questions I will be glad to answer.


  2. R L permalink

    I am completely confused by your signals please explain them is this for the futures or ETF’s and are exact trade signals ie entry and exit given?


    • You can use both for ES futures and SPY etf. You must entry 2 minutes before the close and exit 2 minutes before the open.
      I cannot forecast the precise price. I just call the night for a LONG or SHORT trade.
      Have a look at my “Rules…” page and “about..” pages.
      If you have any further questions, I will be glad to answer.


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