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Futures Trading Room – 2015-04-27 and 2015/04/30 trades

May 2, 2015

This was 2015-04-27 alert:

If we see SPY coming up again closing above 212 the following patterns will trigger:

SHORT PATTERNS 18-27-29-31-83-98-108-189-197-198-264-359 (PRICE-RSI-SEASONAL)

197 and 198 are two bullish seasonal patterns. I will trust the short ones, and I won’t care these two bullish ones. 

If the above rules is triggered, I will enter SHORT.

The rule didn’t trigger and the trade was missed.


This was 205/04/30 alert:

Yesterday was Fed Day and we had 3 nights down on SPY. This happened only 8 times and was 100% profitable LONG.

If SPY closes below 210,57 but above 209,88 the following patterns are triggering:
LONG PATTERNS 100-101-107-160-197-198-199-339

If SPY closes below 209,88 the following patterns are triggering:
LONG PATTERNS 107-159-160-197-198-199-339-340

If one of the two above triggers, I will enter LONG.

The trade ended with a good profit on both ES and SPY with respectively 0,4% and 0,46% gap up.


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