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Futures Trading Room – Summary of last nights

June 30, 2015
  • On June the 15th I was stopped in a so bad unlucky night, ES move than back at breakeven: ES trade stopped at -0,56% and it was a -0,09% small loss for SPY.
  • On June the 17th It was a good win of 0,3% of ES move. Again SPY beat ES traders with a 0,91% gap up.
  • On June the 24th, trade rules did not trigger.
  • On June the 25th, again an easy winning night with a small profit with 0,16% of ES move and a gap up of 0,2% on SPY.
  • On June the 26th, I suffered my worst trade at all with a weekend shock of -1,67% of ES move and a gap down on SPY of -0,84. The market covered back half of the night move but my stop sent me out of the market with the worst of the entire ES move down.
  • On June the 27th, I managed to come out with something back of my losses on the night before with a 0,79 good up move on ES and a 0,9 gap up on SPY.


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