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Futures Trading Room – Overnight Overview of April the 21st 2016

April 22, 2016

This is the alert I sent yesterday:

If SPY closes below 208,94 NO patterns will trigger.

Looking at the Odds Map, we can see a general bearish edge. Calendar seasonality is mildly bearish.
Markets is falling from highly overbought levels and reacting to some strong resistances.

I manage to find a rare pattern triggering just once. The day after it saw a down gap of 0,65%.

In a few words: 2 black candle with higher lows, the first of them saw an up gap, and today’s close i below 2 days ago low.

That’s why I will enter SHORT if I see today’s close below 208,94.

Stop loss = 26 Emini points

It was a boring flat night. I closed the trade with a 1 tick loss.

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