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Futures Trading Room – May the 11th – Overnight Overview

May 13, 2016

This was the alert I sent to subscribers:

If SPY today’s low is lower than 206,4 the following patterns will trigger:

LONG PATTERNS 164-178-179-180-248-373 (PRICE)
If that happens, I will enter LONG.
Notes: 26 Emini points
ODDS MAP   3,9 – 76 – 185
It would have been a good winning night, but the trigger was “tricky”. Some traders took the trade, others didn’t. It happens. I manage to take it, but it was just by chance and good luck. I could easily have been part of those who sat out.
When these ambiguous triggers happen, it would be better to stay out and watch.
Anyway, it depends on us and our personal risk attitude.
As usual, I’m not tracking this “tricky” trade on my results sheet, although I would like to.

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