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Futures Trading Room – Overnight Overview of July the 26th 2016

August 22, 2016

I’m a bit late with overviews. I’m completing them all on the next few days. This is what I sent out before the last Fed Day:

Tomorrow is Fed Day. Calendary seasonality is highly bullish and I have many bullish patterns triggering. But the ODDS MAP warns for a short bias.

Below the numbers if SPY closes below 216.53 
BULLISH PATTERNS 107 144 145 151 152 173 197 227 293 296 297 (PRICE – VIX – FED DAY)
ODDS MAP 0,56 40 10
The odds map is clearly bearish despite many bullish patterns are triggering. We are still in drawdown and we must me even more selective than usual.
That’s why I STAY OUT. This is a clear example of a tricky night.
I wanted to show how the Odds Map sometimes keeps us out improving our edge. 

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