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NEW SYSTEM – Bollinger Bands Patterns

January 19, 2017

Bollinger Bands Quantified Patterns Guidebook


Greetings Traders!

When it comes to Nightly Patterns knowledge, I’m always happy to announce
any new results!
Here we are with a great collection of all Nightly Patterns Bollinger Bands
patterns, exploited here to build an extraordinary Bollinger Bands trading
system yielding on average about $3500 per ES contract yearly proved by a
23 years backtest.

Over more than 350 occurrences, 72% of winning trades and an outstanding

profit factor of 2,7.

Emini tradable!

Learn to trade your night with Bollinger Bands Patterns!

Just one of the strong patterns equity curve that is part of the system. More than 23 years of backtesting!
This is the Bollinger Bands final Patterns system through 23 years of data, steeply up and up again consistently through all years!
This is only one of all the Nightly Patterns Quantitative Patterns

Guidebooks available:

VIX Quantitative Patterns Guidebook
RSI Quantitative Patterns Guidebook
FED MINUTES Quantitative Patterns Guidebook

More of them to come soon!

Have a look at Nightly Patterns Systems page for them or if you have any
questions, please refer to:

Enjoy your reading,
Marco Simioni
Nightly Patterns

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