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More than 6 years of Nightly Patterns!

January 7, 2019

Greetings traders!

It’s more than 6 years now Nightly Patterns is trading LIVE (October 2012).

It’s not easy to find trading services that have been trading live for more than 6 years profitably.

What have traders following Nightly Patterns since October 2012 earned so far?

I know, I know… we lost in 2015. I’m not “Mr Market”. This is part of the game. We closed 6 profitable years out of 7. And that loss was very little compared to the huge profits.

Anyway, it depends on the number of contracts traded and their consistency. It’s not easy to be patient and consistent in the long run, specially during long and deep drawdowns. Updated results here. But at the end patience and consistency win the game!

Many of you have been keeping on trading and many have been trying and leaving. Consistency and patience, it pays to stay!

Here are the numbers:

6 years

Well, I have considered 6 years for the yearly subscription fee so $798*6 = $4788. And Ihave considered 1,2 as an average eur/usd change rate, as yearly Nightly Patterns fee is 665 Eur. I didn’t consider brokers futures trading fees. Mainly because trading frequency is low and futures fees per contract are usually very low too, the impact is minimal.

The % impact of Nightly Patterns subscription on returns goes from 19% to 2% as we increase the number of contracts.

I let you think about the numbers!

Hope to see you in,

Marco Simioni

Nightly Patterns

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