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Northmantrader’s, Banana3 and mine view on the stock market

September 3, 2019

Stock markets are in trouble.

My view on the markets outlined here, was confirmed on August with Treasuries yield curve inversion. This is a very old and effective recession forecaster. Another good ingredient for our stock market crash recipe.

Another great trader, Sven Henrich, explained current stock market pattern in one CNBC interview:


On that interview, he shows my same view on the stock market. It looks great!

Another trader, Banana3 on Stocktwits, strongly argues against Sven’s and mine forecast.

Basically here’s his theory:


From his perspective, we should see a third break and up trend.

Well, it looks like both previous instances broke up. As this pattern can break up or down, I think the third time is the right time. That’s where the stock market waits for us for breaking down.

Marco Simioni

Nightly Patterns

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