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Nightly Patterns auto-trading is coming!

October 18, 2019


I am pleased to announce new auto-trading service for Nightly Patterns!

It was missing, but now we have the answer: Striker Securities. For those of you who just like to see the money flows!

Striker Securities, Inc, market leader in financial services since 1990’s will be Nightly Patterns introducing broker and main reference for auto-trading.

The first trader approaching this new service will benefit from reduced starting commission and a first free month subscription.

If you are interested in auto-trading Nightly Patterns trades, just write me at:

Marco Simioni

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  1. JT Croft permalink

    Hello Marco yes interested in the auto trading when it becomes available Will you be including the SPY or Micros to get started?



    • Thank you JT. Well it is available only for E-mini. Otherwise fees would be too high for trading only Micros or SPY. You can ask directly at Strikers Securities too.


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