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January the 30th of 2020 Overnight Trade Overview

February 3, 2020


Greetings traders,

Last Thursday’s trade – the entry was on January the 30th of 2020 – is described below:

Trade entry  – Emini future price = 3289,5

Trade exit – Emini future price = 3275

Stop loss triggered – none

Take profit triggered – none

Trade loss = 14,5 Emini points

Trade loss in $ per contract = $ 725

The entry was on the blue circle on the left and the exit was on the blue circle on the right.

Anyway, the first blue bubble on the left highlights the 4.00 PM EST (stocks close) potential entry. Normally, we enter at 4.13 PM EST (futures close). If we had entered the trade 13 minutes earlier, the take profit order would have been hit.

Sometimes it’s better, sometimes not. It’s vital to choose always the same time, if you trade at 4.00 you trade always at 4.00, if you trade at 4.13 you always trade at 4.13.

That’s it.


Marco Simioni

Nightly Patterns

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