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QuantFor reaction to recent Black Swan

April 21, 2020

Quantfor april

Greetings traders!

Here you can look at how QuantFor portfolio of strategies reacted to recent spring huge rise in volatility and ranges.

Remember! QuantFor main goal is to achieve CAGR above 60% and drawdowns below 10%. It’s not magic but it looks like.

Nightly Patterns perfectly detected the change in market regime and now is trading with the leveraged etfs version as we need in this regime.

Gold Minings system, experienced the worst turmoil but it’s coming out of the drawdown.

The Vix system perfectly managed to avoid the worst days and it’s still on track.

The Weekly portfolio showed is in a small drawdown, it’s a perfect time to jump in it.

The Adaptive portfolio showed a good strong return in January and March, highlithing the robustness of the strategies behind it.

Globally we are up 6,57% on the first three months, with the stock markets down on the white rabbit hole.

April is going well too.

If you haven’t joying QuantFor yet, please note that I have managed to reduce the capital requirements to only $92500 !!!

If you are interested in QuantFor service, just write me at:

Hope you will enjoy QuantFor trading,

Marco Simioni

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