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Here are all the research articles I wrote and that have been published:

All the gaps need to be filled (July the 17th, 2015) on “Godel’s Market”

The Famous 5 Portfolio (November the 2nd, 2015) on “System Traders Success”

Momentum on Dual Momentum Portfolios (November the 11th, 2015) on “The Quants Portal”

Fixed stop loss (November the 25th, 2015) on “Nightly Patterns”

1.3% Fixed Stop Loss and Nightly Patterns performance (December the 1st, 2015) on “Nightly Patterns”

Take Profit Seasonality on Overnight Trading (February the 1st, 2016) on “System Traders Success”

Lo strano caso delle miniere d’oro (August 2016) Trader’s Magazine (only in italian)

Is 200 SMA still alive? (June the 7th, 2018) on “Nightly Patterns”

New Nightly Patterns rules set results! (September the 10th, 2018) on “Nightly Patterns”

RSI2 overnight returns since 1993 – Still good? (October the 8th, 2018) on “Nightly Patterns”

Presidential cycle overnight perspective (November the 6h, 2018) on “Nightly Patterns”

I wish I had a future… on S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats etf! (January the 23th, 2019) on “Nightly Patterns”

6 crash nights down in a row – White Swan (May the 13th, 2019) on “Nightly Patterns”

Tech Cold War – White Swan #2 (May the 23th, 2019) on “Nightly Patterns”

Overnight vs Intraday Stock Market Correlation (June the 5th, 2019) on “Nightly Patterns”

Nightly Patterns vs stock market correlation (June the 6th, 2019) on “Nightly Patterns”

Micro E-mini futures launch! (June the 13th, 2019) on “Nightly Patterns”

Equity curve timing with Bollinger Bands (June the 25th, 2019) on “Nightly Patterns”


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