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Here’s Dean Handley’s Review of Nightly Patterns in the December 2014 Issue of Futures Truth Magazine!

Futures Truth Article

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Click on the following link to download and read the full article:

667 Global Futures Trade Rooms – Seeking Truthful, Transparent and Profitable Futures Truth #4, 2014


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“I want four things from someone who is giving me financial advice:

1.  A solid foundation in quantitative financial analysis.
2.  A strong record in actual trading.
3.  Skin in the game.
4.  Transparency.

Marco has given me all four in droves.  He knows his stuff, has amassed an impressive record in overnight trading, trades his own signals, and hides nothing.  In fact, I have met few people in the financial world as talented and as open as Marco. I have nothing but praise for, and trust in, his work and his integrity.”

 Alex Argyros, trader


“A great deal of thought and effort has been spent in the design and creation of Nightly Patterns. Trading the overnight is a money making opportunity often overlooked but many traders. Nightly Patterns is a welcome addition that offers diversification to any day traders portfolio of strategies.”

Ryan, trader and blogger

“I’ve been following Nighly Patterns since the very beginning. Its patterns library has always kept constantly growing, together with his trade efficiency and accuracy. I like his high leverage approach to trading that, from a profit perspective, has proven to be the best strategy of my trading arsenal.”

Davide, trader

“The Nightly Patterns website provides a unique and ever changing look at trading the S&P market. The site’s entire focus is isolating high probability trades that take advantage of the overnight session. This uncommon perspective provides profitable opportunities that are overlooked by many. If you want a unique perspective at trading the S&P, Nightly Patterns is the place to go.”

Jeff Swanson, trader and blogger

Trade Titans: 667 Futures Trade Rooms: Finding & Trading the 13 BEST

I am pleased to recommend you all the following web-presentation:

667 Futures Trade Rooms: Finding & Trading the 13 BEST

I will be reviewed together with other 12 Trade Titans by Dean Handley on:

Thursday, January 15, 2015 4:30PM EST
Presenter: Dean A. Handley, PhD, MBA, JD

Godel’s Market

Interviewing the Quants:

Marco Simioni and Nightly Patterns

NIGHTLY PATTERNS has been mentioned in TRADER PLANET !!!!!!

Follow the link below to read the full article:

The Truth About Live Futures Trading Rooms TraderPlanet March 4, 2015 (PDF)

The Truth About Live Futures Trading Rooms Trader Planet March 4, 2015 (TRADER PLANET)


mentioned again in


copertina futures truth

I am pleased to be still ranked in the 1st best percentile of global futures trading rooms
as one of the TRADE TITANS by Dean Handley

Click on the following link to download and read the full article:

Handley, 722 Futures Trade Rooms – Finding the Midas Touch. Futures Truth _1 2015



By Dean Handley

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