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To calculate returns I use SPY data. When I get a “scratch trade” I do not account for it but refer always to SPY open price. So general performance will be usually better for these reasons. To obtain results in dollars I considered to trade 10 ESmini contracts. Each future tick is equal to $12,5. So $50 dollars each point, with 10 contracts it’s $500 each, both for accounts with 20X leverage and 14X leverage. To lower the leverage from 20X to 14X, brokers just require more money to buy the same number of ESmini future contracts resulting in lower %returns/losses in your invested capital. If you have problems with Excel opening the sheet try with the free OpenOffice Calc!

Download NIGHTLY PATTERNS results sheet by clicking on the link below:






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  1. Terence Doherty permalink

    Hi Marco,

    Minor error on your spreadsheet of results: most recent trade date says 30/05/2015; should be 30/04/2015.



  2. blarrie gibbs permalink

    I would like a trial


  3. blarrie gibbs permalink

    Ok thanks


  4. Ashley permalink

    I’m just curious to know how much would be a good start for my account balance?


    • Hi, you need to keep at least 50% of your capital in cash to properly face drawdowns. $10000 is ok to trade 1 contract.


  5. Raffaele Galbiati permalink

    Is there the possibility to get a short trial just to paper trade the system some days? Thanks


  6. Scott Paul permalink

    Interesting. From looking at the results spreadsheet, it seems the average over 5 years (2012 – 2017) is $38,600 a year or so (cumulative profit so far of $193,300 or so, 2 months shy of 5 years). To trade 10 lots ES overnight takes $100,000, so return per year (not reinvested) is 38.6%. Sound correct? Or am I missing something?

    I think the thing that sort of gives me pause is to have in the area of 31-point stop losses overnight. How many people can let a 10-lot ride overnight with a $15,500 stop loss? Not sure I’d ever sleep again!


    • Well Scott, you can trade as many contracts as you want. There’s nobody forcying anybody to trade 10 contracts. That’s only a fixed number to be compared with the others of the industry, like Overnight Edge and the other Titans. That’s it!


      • Scott Paul permalink

        True. But it’s hard on a risk reward basis to go in with a $1550 stop per lot, with an average profit of $69.50 over the long haul, even given the overall percentages, and the sometimes big winners. Maybe at some point.


      • This is a stop loss that trigger very rarely. If you look at the paper a wrote on it on the “papers” section you can understand the logic.
        And as you can see from the live results going back to 2012 the equity curve is very solid.


  7. Gerald Mims permalink

    How can I get a free trial to check your trading room out or is it at night time hours or do you have a robot?


    • Hello Gerald,
      I’m sorry for the late reply.
      Well, we entry the trade at US stock market close and exit the trades at US stock market open.
      If it’s too difficult for your time zone, you can exploit the Robot version.
      You can write directly to – Mario Randholm Luque
      Mario can help you to set the account properly.
      Merry Christmas,
      Marco Simioni


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