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Futures Trading Room – weekly trades overview

January 17, 2015

It was a so busy week. This led me end only with a weekly trades overview:

13/01/2015 Loser – I have been stopped out with a 15% loss. The stop loss order avoided me a worse loss, futures infact dropped further while I was betting long.

14/01/2015 Winner – Extremely bullish night at the beginning with nearly 1% ES up move, I didn’t managed to move stop loss order at breakeven (I got up too late that morning), I risk another stop loss trigger and end the night with a small profit.

15/01/2015 Loser – Another bad night, price went again close to my stop loss without triggering it and then recovered half of the downward movement.

After such difficult nights, great trades are around the corner. I will come back posting each trade patterns the day after this week. I hope to see a good gap up at the open on Monday to cover some of this week losses.

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