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Futures Trading Room – 2015/03/31 and 2015/04/01 trades overview

April 2, 2015

2015/03/31 trade saw a so bad stop loss trigger with 4,5 ES points of slippage, triggered by a few minutes quick shock price on ES.

This was the alert:

If SPY closes below today’s open at 207,26 the following patterns will trigger:

LONG PATTERNS 129-159-160-178-179-198-199-288-289 (PRICE-SEASONAL-BOLLINGER)

If that happens, I will enter LONG.

I lost -12,88% in this unlucky night. SPY traders have done much more better, cause ES up reversion after the shock down, with a small loss of -0,06%.


2015-04-01 trade ended with a small loss of -1,82% and SPY traders with a small -0,04% loss.

It is the forth time I see four losing trade in a row since I start blogging. I’ve never experienced five.

This was the alert:

The following patterns are triggering:


I will enter LONG.



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  1. Tony Echemendia permalink

    How do we join your trading room? 


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