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Futures Trading Room – A scratched trade, a loss, and for NYE a stop loss trigger

January 6, 2016

Here’s the 23rd alert:

If SPY closes above yesterday’s close the following patterns will trigger:

SHORT PATTERNS 210-211-318-319 (PRICE)

Notes : Despite calendar seasonality is highly bullish, we are coming from three nights up and bearish patterns are triggering. More specifically, two up gap on December the 23rd just happened 3 times in the past: two nights down and just one up (the up one, was on 2011 but there markets then opened on the 27th, that was the anticipated “Santa night” with no trading on the 24th.) So just 2 bearish nights to be considered
If SPY closes above 204,75 the Short Bollinger system 162 will trigger too, whilst with a close lower than 204,75 the short pattern 216 will trigger.
Definitely I’ll take a SHORT trade, if today’s close is higher than yesterday’s one.

Here’s the 30th alert:

Calendar seasonality is highly bullish for tonight.
And if we manage to see a close below 205,35 both bullish patterns 192 and 382 will trigger.
I just want to see today’s close below today’s open to enter this seasonality based LONG trade.

Here’s the 31th alert:

If SPY closes above 205,13 but below yesterday’s close, the following patterns will trigger:

LONG PATTERNS 50-100-101-192-197-198-199 (PRICE-SEASONALITY)

If SPY closes below 205,13 the following patterns will trigger:


If one of the two above triggers, I’ll enter LONG.

Note: Number 22 trading day of December showed 9 out 9 bullish nights in the past. This should be the tenth!

The last trade was not a mistake. Everything was pointing North, but Saudi Arabia and Iran were the “Event”… Impossible to forecast as usual. My trade was stopped out with a 18% and 26% of loss on my margins. It looks like a big “resistance” near my past equity curve highs…

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